Jaicker Avila

Jaicker knowledge of  Epicor ERP, his Engineer background and experience in various industry segments allows him to design custom solutions to streamline and automate processes.  His  technical knowledge includes Infrastructure implementation and data lake platform using Hadoop and Spark Frameworks. (Process and Cluster Management, Applications, User Access, etc.)  Experience in the distributed HDFS file system (Hadoop Distributed File System)  Data extraction using Flume, Sqoop or Kafka from various sources including SQL database and non-SQL, web services. Knowledges in databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Kassandra, MongoDB, HBASE) Processing, extraction, transformation and loading of data using Spark with JAVA and Python programming language (PySpark API), also other tools like Hive and Pig, MapReduce, and YARN Analysis and prediction using Jupyter notebooks and the python programming language. Machine learning and deep learning (supervised and unsupervised, semi-supervised,and reinforcement learning)rom Eiffil Tower with wrong spellings all over & is a travel junkie

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