ERP Consultant & Business Assessment

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Not sure which software is the best fit for your business?

The Business Improvement Assessment (BIA) is a structured business evaluation conducted to identify system, process and resource gaps, while offering solutions to resolve them.

The BIA is best for:

  • The ERP Evaluation & Selection Process (Best fit analysis)
  • IT solutions gap analysis
  • Systems training planning
  • Planning system upgrades
  • Digitizing any manual process(s)ideal

Our Methodology for Success


The first step is a thorough study procedure that gathers information on an organization’s present systems and processes in order to detail all the existing business problems. This phase lays the foundation for the entire ERP implementation process.

System Selection

Choosing a system that  best meet your firm’s demands is very important. Be as specific as possible in stating your requirements so that the.

System Design

The design phase uses the findings from the discovery phase to create a detailed functional design that defines how the ERP software will enable new workflows and processes from the perspective of the end user.

Installation and Training

Your new system’s installation process  is determined by the type of ERP solution  you choose, whether you you choose to deploy your new solution as a cloud-based one or an on-premises model. Because change might be difficult for some employees, vendors will provide hands-on user training to all employees to guarantee that they can fully utilize the new software without disrupting their normal routine.


Finally, once the preceding tasks have been performed, the team will begin the deployment process. All data will be transferred from the current software to the new software during the data migration stage.

Continuous Enhancements and Feedback

The ERP implementation process does not end after the day it goes live. Following that, as your staff utilises the program and your organisation evolves, we will collect user input and make continuing enhancements. You can always see our updates on Synergix’s monthly software update newsletter page. This is why it is critical to select an ERP solution that can scale with you to meet your changing needs.